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Datavis Reporter is powerful mobile phone bill statistics and reporting tool, tailored for A1 Telekom Austria mobile network. With Datavis Reporter you will be able to track mobile phone usage for the entire organisation down to the latest detail for each user. Datavis Reporter is a spotlight for the bills, highlighting all the charges requiring immediate action.

Datavis Reporter Overviews

Powerful Overviews

Import your electronic mobile phone bills, to get daily, monthly and yearly overviews of costs and trends. Say goodbye to those hidden expenses.

Datavis Reporter Cost Control

Detailed Cost Control

Find all the expenses and track limited or inadmissible costs, quickly locate ABO’s, games or ringtones data traffic fees.

Datavis Reporter Tariff Adjustments

Tariff adjustments

Fine-tune A1 tariff options for better cost control. We provide active support in A1 package optimization and development.

Bill Overview

Your costs, discounts, average bills or distinct users at a glance. Dashboard separates costs into Total, Austria, Roaming and Abroad for fast overview of key opportunities for reducing the monthly bill. Additionally, dashboard shows average bills and heavy or light users.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Detailed costs per day for selected bill, divided into Total traffic in Austria, Traffic abroad per day, Total Roaming, Total Calls, Data Transfer and SMS/MMS. Ability to see trends in your company and key costs sources.

Company Profile

Company Profile is the whole picture - all the active options and packages, company bill summaries, company trends, breakdowns and listings. Further more, listings are separated into Traffic in Roaming and Traffic Abroad allowing fine–tuning to A1 roaming packages.

Company Profile
Users and Groups

Users and Groups

Is the right package activated for each user or you are making unnecessary costs? User Profile is the key tool for analyzing user habits and adjusting tariffs accordingly. Reduce your mobile phone costs combining user overview with the right A1 packages.

Create groups, profit centers and cost limits for different departments to identify out-of limit users. If you have a employee mobile phone policy agreement with limited spending, this is the way to locate all the extra costs made by your employees.

How it Works?


Request listing files form A1, or download them from your A1 Business Admin Cockpit.


Log-in to Datavis Reporter and go to Load Reports page to upload EGN and EML files provided by A1.


Datavis Reporter will process your listing files and generate reports for all the available bills.


Use Reporter to review, analyze and adjust your A1 tariffs and tariff options and ultimately reduce costs.

How does it Look?

Datavis Reporter is simple and and easy to use. It is optimized for modern browsers on personal computers and tablet devices. Here are actual screenshots.


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